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Content Shifting

With the rise of the smartphone and tablet, all kinds of content can be saved until after work or school. Content shifting helps us concentrate on the tasks at hand. It also reformats it for more enjoyable experiences. Now that the Web is no longer limited to our desks, content shifting allows new media to take their rightful place on the couch.

The Rise of Leisure Devices

Podcasting has been the content-shifted future of radio since the early days of the iPod. But its growth was limited by the barriers of regularly syncing via USB. The era of the smartphone and tablet has freed users from that constraint.

The tablet in particular has made leisure reading and viewing of Web content a reality. Sales of the iPad have smashed expectations. Amazon’s Kindle Fire, which is specialized for leisure content, has found mass appeal as well.

People use tablets as leisure devices, allowing them to separate the fun stuff from the work stuff they do on their PCs.


Content Shifting In the Consumer Cloud

There’s still plenty of room for content shifting solutions from Web companies that aren’t tied to particular platforms.

Evernote, a company working on many different problems in the consumer cloud, has built Clearly, an article-saving service. It’s a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox that creates a cleaned-up article view, similar to Safari Reader mode, but it also allows saving of the clean version to one’s Evernote account with one click. The article can then be read later via the Evernote app on a tablet or smartphone, as well as on the desktop.

Content shifting of articles is happening, and it’s getting started with Web-based video, too. The Internet TV service Boxee offers an iPad app and bookmarklet that allows saving of Web videos for later, whether on your TV or your iPad (if you’ve got the gadgets). It takes a bit of work to get it going, but Richard MacManus wrote a how-to guide for content-shifting video with Boxee.

Some of the sharpest minds in the industry are thinking about content shifting.

Do you use any content shifting services?

December 28, 2011


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