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As I mentioned in my last blog post, I am revealing many of the sites I have been working on in the past year in this blog. This one has been in stealth mode and in hardcore development. I think it has one of sexier business models and is timely for the market. We are beta launching early next year. We have been busy integrating several powerful opensource frameworks together (Moodle, DimDim, Drupal) to create a new education platform for the world. Think facebook for education with realtime teaching tools. Not your typical educational offering as it’s “Student Friendly”.

Below is a snippet lead in to the opportunity from our stealth website…

“Most educators, administrators, and parents would agree that the access to a quality education has been uneven and unfair. More can be done for the creative and talented students that are often stifled by lack of budgets, high achievers kept from advancing because there was no place for them to go, and ESL students struggling to learn their lessons while at the same time learn our culture and language. On top of all this, there is the increasing pressure to get into College and University – not just in our country but all over the world. Demand for a better education globally far exceeds the supply of it. Most of the teachers we have are caring, qualified and committed. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough of them and the ones we have are often under-paid and over worked.”

The Solution

An open educational platform for the world. It provides a virtual swiss army knife of free tools and resources and is completely socially enabled. While its free to use, it also allows educators to charge for their services by providing them the ability to securely transact with their students. Can be leveraged by institutions, teachers, students and those that want to give back to society.


Realtime Educational Tools

This is a sneak peak, stay tuned for more details…

December 21, 2009


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