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Treat Your Content Like a Product

MedRes_Product-presentation-2“Great companies are built on great products”
– Elon Musk

Today content marketing has fast become an essential part of any modern business’s toolset.  It’s being embraced both strategically and tactically.   There is some confusion in the market around how to conceive this in terms of it’s asset and program fit.

My thesis here is that content should be treated as a product where it is a brand asset and yields dividends over time.

Content Marketing Is Long Term Commitment –  Not A Campaign

Content marketing is not advertising. The strategy, tactics, and even the goals of content marketing are different. Yet so many companies still treat digital content as an ad campaign  — which can be detrimental not only to their respective brands.

Content meets the needs of the audience in a point of need, not necessarily during a marketers idea of a campaign dynamic.

Achieving Great Content – Requires Rethinking Your Approach

Building quality content can be one of the most challenging elements in content marketing, but it is also one of the most valuable.   Another pain points is sustaining a content marketing initiative and the ongoing ability to maximize the value of the content.

Establish a content creation pipeline with clear deadlines and a division of labor.

Invest in content that has multiple uses and endures with longevity.

Ensure that your social, email marketing, and PR teams all leverage your content to maximize their know-how to repurpose any piece of content you publish and meet their departmental goals.

And take a holistic approach to measurement and optimization.

Patience Yields Benefits

Once it’s up and running, a successful long-term content marketing plan will pay lifelong dividends.  Just focus on providing your followers with the most valuable and engaging content possible.

This program requires a different timeline and taking the long view.   Any solid initiative needs at least six months to yield impact. Evaluate and iterate constantly.

Just look at something like Grasshopper’s blog. Grasshopper, which is a virtual phone service for entrepreneurs, publishes high-quality articles full of valuable insight.  Because it is, first and foremost, a great resource site for entrepreneurs, the blog has garnered a dedicated following.

So has American Express’ OPEN Forum, an online community where small business leaders can ask experts for advice and share knowledge. Community managers facilitate conversations and help users connect in the most meaningful ways possible.

June 10, 2015


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